ACCIDA is an all inclusionary, conscious interiors and lifestyle gallery. Showcasing handmade functional goods with a focus on sustainability innovation, traditional artisans and Wabi-Sabi philosophies. An ode to nature, ethics and the makers craft.

Founder and maker Violeta Gordana, collects these select objects with the careful curation, signalled by overlapping philosophies and elevating traditional practices shared by fellow artisans. Furthermore, encouragement of participation in mindfulness in the presence and possession of these bespoke pieces.

ACCIDA prides itself on neutrality and all inclusivity. Deriving inspirations from nature and time, to which all are subject. An appreciation for individuality, imperfection and impermanence. The collection is reflective of the importance of appreciating the unique connection of oneself with ones surrounds and the beauty encapsulated in this space and environment.

Our collection ethos is ethical, sustainable, handcrafted.

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Eltham Victoria 3095