Shoku Iku offers the world’s best and most potent superfoods, tonic herbs and longevity supplement to take your health to the next level.

"integrating traditional and contemporary nutrition and culinary creativity."


Shoku Iku believe profound shifts can happen when we are consuming high vibration foods, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The line evolved from the pure intention to spread these healing power of superfoods and super herbs to larger communities so that we can all thrive to live on our life proposes. Our products are available in single ingredient, intelligently formulated blends and as in everyday snacks ranges.

They create their dishes and drinks using organic and chemical free ingredients, which promote our strong belief of consciousness, well-being and sustainability for our planet. Their cuisine is based on raw and living food cuisine, enhanced with both traditional macrobiotic philosophy and East Asian system and highly creative culinary expression.

A Message from Yoko Inoue, Owner & Chef

I am the founder and chef at Shoku Iku. I am originally from Japan. My desire to prepare healing natural foods for myself and my newborn daugher led me to discover the important relationships among good health, diet, and lifestyle choices.

I have studied macrobiotic philosophy and culinary skills at Japan’s Kushi Institute. This inspired me study holistic nutrition which then opened up the world of raw and living foods. I am currently studying Kampo, Traditional Japanese Medicine.

One of things that I enjoy about cooking/uncooking is the creativity. Removing the traditional idea and certain ingredients might look constraining yet in fact it can be very freeing at the same time. Following my intuition and experimenting in the kitchen is my favorite thing to do.