Inspired by nature and the Japanese art of Wabi-sabi, we aim to provide you with generational pieces. Bespoke and functional, handmade interiors by local artists.

We have curated functional ceramics for a warm minimalist dining experience.
Naturally occurring accoutrements for everyday use, channeling the force of nature.
Bespoke decorative objects, selected for their uniqueness and versatility.

Functional art meets

elevated ethical.

Informed by WabiSabi philosophies, the practice of embracing the organic imperfections presented only with the gift of time. We have carefully select generational objects and vessels to adorn your home and yourself. With a strong ethos grounded in ethical practices you can be assured that each purchase is supporting local artisans and fair traders. We are gender inclusive, vegan, and support our local artisans and makers who posses overlapping values.

Violeta Gordana

Artist Founded

Artist owned and operated. Supporting local talent and tradtional crafts. Authentic values and mindful ethos.

Kintsugi Service
Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics, by mending the areas of breakage with resin dusted or mixed with powdered metal, usually gold. As a philosophy, this practice is a category from the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, an embracing of the flawed or imperfect.
Kintsugi Service
…in repairing the object you really end up loving it more, because you now knew its eagerness to be reassembled, and in running a fingertip over its surface you alone could feel its many cracks – a bond stronger than mere possession.



Accida is a hidden gem gift store bursting with hand-crafted artisan products. I love the values and ethics of this shop, supporting and stocking local artists incredible work. It's definitely a 'go-to' gift shop!

Nillumbik Connections

Beautiful products sourced by and from local artists and designers. Elegant, simple, evocative.

Kathryn Kaehler

Got my item quickly and with no fuss. A beautifully presented gift for my partner! I'm sure we'll be back! Thank you again!! :)

Veronica Sherman

Such a gorgeous store filled with beautiful artisan products and gifts that also support local artists. Love my pottery pieces that I recently purchased. Thank you! I'd highly recommend this store, especially if you're looking for something unique.

Emine Charlwood

ACCIDA is curated by some mindful, creative (talented in their own right) locals who really care about what they do. It is so wonderful to see such beautiful people shine a light on the talent that we have here in this area. I will be back!

Marley Jörgensen

A wonderful little store full of unique treasures and an warm inviting atmosphere. The perfect antidote to mass consumer culture, encouraging us to connect with our belongings. Marie Kondo would approve!

Neil Sanders

I can't recommend ACCIDA highly enough. Not your run of the mill homewares/giftware store. More like a curated collection of wonderful things.

Gene Hammond-Lewis

Absolutely adore ACCIDA. Every item is the aesthetic of my dreams - it's like buying homewares from an art gallery! Impossible to buy from anywhere else once you see their beautiful, ethical pieces. I want to live in an ACCIDA world...

Genevieve Callaghan

As an artist who’s work is included amongst the fine collection at Accida, I can’t share more heartfelt praise for what Violeta has created. What a gem

Rebecca Wisby

Accida Location

Main Road
Eltham Victoria 3095