A natural, beautiful, handcrafted homeware piece that has been ethically sourced. Organic and made at the Katsunori Kiln.  Type: Uneven Plate Off-centre  Glaze: Cream and Brown Fleck (Piro Piro)  Dimensions: 250 x 10mm

Piro Piro | Plate

Made in Japan
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A naturally stunning, artisanally-crafted home accessory that has been ethically procured. Organic and kiln-crafted by Katsunori.


The Piro Piro range is made at the Katsunori Kiln in Gifu prefecture, Japan.

Type: Uneven Plate Off-centre

Material: Stoneware

Glaze: Cream and Brown Fleck (Piro Piro)

Dimensions: 250 x 10mm

Historically, Katsunori-san's family kiln specialised in the production of 'tokkuri' - sake jugs.

However, since 1995 he and his team of skilled craftspeople have turned their eye towards the design of other tableware.

Handmade precision ceramics from Tajimi, a small town in the Gifu Prefecture in Japan.

Since ancient times, the clay in the mountains surrounding Tajimi has provided excellent raw material for pottery.

The region has been producing sake bottles, bowls, teapots and other pottery for more than 1000 years.

The Made In Japan complete range is available for pre-order. Simply send through a message so we can begin the journey together.

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