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Considered one of the most sacred and mystical trees on earth, Palo Santo has been traditionally used for thousands of years by South American shamans and medicine-people for holy, ritualistic energetic cleansing, purifying and spiritual invocation.

Providing ancient benefits in modern times and used in much the same way as traditional incense, our Premium Palo Santo Sticks provide an authentic cleansing experience.


Volume: Hand cut, approximately 8 - 10g per unit.  and has an approximate Dimension: 10 x 1 x 1cm.

Ingredients: Made from organic, wild-grown, ethically harvested Palo Santo timber, 

Accida is a proud vendor of handcrafted products. Due to the nature of slow craft, the collections will have variations and attributes unique to each piece. Cruelty free, palm oil free, paraben free, biodegradable & vegan.