Necklace | Half moon

Necklace | Half moon

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Proudly showcasing these signature pieces. Each handmade, truly unique and intuitively crafted. The crystals are nestled inside a half moon sterling silver cup to represent the femme. 


Clear Quartz is great for mental clarity, harmony, manifesting and if other crystals are placed close to it will magnify their energy.

Amethyst: Assists to transform negative energy into positive energy. It is protective

Aquamarine derived from the Italian word ‘aqua marina’ meaning sea water. Aquamarine assists with creativity, expression and can provide its wearer with mental clarity and courage.

Danburite (clear with a pink tinge) – Is a healing stone that helps create harmonious interactions, self-love, and joy.

Celestite: Ideal for spiritual communication, clairaudience and astral travel. Also aids mental clarity and helps one to reach their potential.

Pyrite - Assist with psychic development and creativity. Self-confidence, manifesting and uplifting. Excellent to help eliminate procrastination 

Properties: Assorted specimen, sterling silver.

Dimensions: 30x20x210mm

Accida is a proud vendor of handcrafted products. Due to the nature of slow craft, the collections will have variations and attributes unique to each piece. These pieces are hand cut + ethically sourced.

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