Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite

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This prominent specimen of Calcite captivates with its raw geometry and geological features. Obtained ethically from Romania, it exhibits an eye-catching hue that will surely become a conversation-starter in any abode.

Sodalite is a rare rock-forming mineral best known for its blue to blue-violet color. It has a chemical composition of Na4Al3Si3O12Cl and is a member of the feldspathoid mineral group. High-quality sodalite is used as a gemstone, a sculptural material, and an architectural stone.

Sodalite occurs in igneous rocks that crystallized from sodium-rich magmas. This is the origin of the name "sodalite." These magmas also contained so little silicon and aluminum that quartz and feldspar minerals are often absent. Sodalite-bearing rocks include: nepheline syenite, trachyte, and phonolite. These types of rocks are so rare that most geologists never see them in the field.

Blue Calcite is a very calming crystal that can help soothe stress and anxiety.
A beautiful stone to help you find balance between the heart and the mind, allowing you to make clear choices in emotional situations. Protects your aura and absorbs negative vibrations, transmuting them into positive energy. Opens communication channels and increases creativity. A highly spiritual stone, it assists in dream recall, increases intuition and enhances psychic gifts.

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