This would be the most decadent, creamiest spread you have ever tasted. Tastes like white chocolate + Macadamia ganache. 

Added benefit with tremella mushroom and a hint of monk fruit it is perfect on your bread, crackers, to use as a topping for your smoothie bowls and more. Please refrigerate when you receive the jar. Leave it out to soften before use. Read more..

Ingredients: Wild harvested, hand cracked and activated pilinuts, semi-wild harvested tremella mushroom, salt, organic monk fruit

Volume: 180g

Accida is a proud vendor of handcrafted products. Due to the nature of slow craft, the collections will have variations and attributes unique to each piece. Cruelty free, palm oil free, paraben free, biodegradable & vegan. Made in Australia from extract powders of imported organic and/or wild harvested ingredients. Please consult professionals if you have any disorders, are on any medications, or pregnant or breastfeeding.