Coffee Tamp

Coffee Tamp

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The natural properties of olive wood make it a wonderful material for your kitchen experience. An antibacterial and odour eliminator, gorgeous to look at and elevates just about any display. We have custom hand carved designs to work ergonomically in bustling Melbourne kitchens. To maintain, hand wash with mild soap water and periodically oil with light olive oil when they start to fade. Those stunning patterns will deepen and with time. 

Type: Coffee Tamp

Material: Naturally felled Tunisian olive wood, stainless steel.

Dimensions: Fit for a 23mm porta filter

Accida is a proud vendor of handcrafted products. Due to the nature of slow craft, the collections will have variations and attributes unique to each piece. Also note that production is done in small batches, this may result in orders arriving separately and or at different times. Please contact us if would like to make large orders to build up sets, need something gift wrapped or any further queries. 

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