Classical Bust - Handcrafted

Classical Bust - Handcrafted

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A beautiful handcrafted plaster version of the classical bust. Exquisite in detail and character.

Materials: Plaster cast.

Dimensions: 130 x 280 x 200mm

Violeta our talented, skilled artisan and founder of Accida.

During Gray Nicol's tenor at Victorian Artists society, it was upon meeting which Violeta and Gray began an excitable exchange over the mutual love for the same artists in admiration. WIth guidance, the bronze bust came into production, exhibited at the society members seasonal exhibition.

Accida is a proud vendor of handcrafted products. Due to the nature of slow craft, the collections will have variations and attributes unique to each piece.

Please feel free to message us so that we can send you further images of the product to see if it is to your liking.

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