Mörk Chocolate are makers of specialty, ethically sourced hot chocolate in Melbourne.

Inspired by Melbourne’s coffee culture ― which is considered by many to be the best in the world ― they have made it their mission to bring specialty hot chocolate onto the scene.

In 2012, they created the first Mörk hot chocolate blend using the same approach taken by specialty coffee-makers; with respect for the traceability, quality and unique origin of ingredients all the way from bean to cup.


At Mörk, they focus on the traceability of everything we make. Traceability means knowing ― at every step of production ― what happens to the ingredients they use and the people and practises involved along the way.

While some of their chocolate products are Organic and Fair Trade Certified, they choose not to highlight this on their packaging. While they believe the concept behind Fair Trade is important, it’s not quite enough to ensure that a product has been ethically produced or prepared, or that its quality is guaranteed.

One reason for this is a lack of universal regulation over the use of the label ― which can make things confusing for consumers who wish to make informed choices. Another reason is that, in the industry of high quality, aromatic cacao and chocolate, many farmers cannot afford a Fair Trade certification (unlike bigger businesses and cooperatives).

They think that a commitment to the traceability of ingredients is a better way forward. For them, that means personally sourcing each ingredient used to make Mörk chocolate, and working directly with independent businesses from all over the world in a way that supports ethical and sustainable trade practices. That way, they can be sure the small producers we buy from are able to compete on the market and receive fair prices for their ingredients.

It also means you can be sure that every time you enjoy Mörk’s artisanal chocolate, you’re in for something special.

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