The past few years have seen global collective trauma, to say the least. We have seen cultural shifts impact the way we navigate the world. We are desperately connecting to one another and proving that we are boundless when it comes to our dire need for interaction.

With this in mind, it comes to question if we have become more interconnected, and more genuine with our interactions as they are limited. In a technological world where we find find a barrier between authentic representation and genuine engagement - due to the excessive exposure - do we treat this time we have with others as selective due to constraints, do we now practice new parameters for said engagements, If so what is to be taken away from this new adjustment?

Are we now so adjusted to this that we act as if it is the new normal and our preselections are blinded by the fact that the reason for this celebration of closeness is at the cost of many lives?

The impact we see and hear is sheltered from the devastation that the marginalised experience and though we view movements progressing and voices being heard, we are simultaneously lifting the veil on the corrupt or corroded governing bodies which had been shielded prior. 

While I believe we are always reaching a more peaceful time in our history. Less death, longer lifespan, and quality of life improving. What we sometimes neglect is who has to suffer in order for us to gain and have the privilege of turning a blind eye. With several wars taking place currently there is now uncertainty here.

This post in no way is a cry for acton. Just a reflection on what it means to have safety. What it means to have this privilege/right?

This moment of reflection is one I have often when I see joy, I also see the cost of that. 

With this in mind ACCIDA will now be part of the initiatives that may be beneficial to communities. Starting with Paying The Rent, this will go to the traditional custodians as payment for our place on their land.

Whilst we aim to govern a safe and conscious space, we are only but a micro business (just little old me running the show on my merger income and the support of many artists) and as we expand we have ambitions of helping across the way. Please post if you know of any compatible initiatives that we should be aware of.

With love and warmth.