Alas, yet another obstacle | yet another chance to show resilience and determination. 

It has been a year compiled of incident and also compassion for me. The launch of ACCIDA saw me simultaneously diagnosed with surprise rare cancer, invasive surgery, fast-tracked fertility preservation, lengthy chemo treatment trial, denial of disability support and a botched colonoscopy which meant that I unwillingly shared a used probe with an elderly stranger...Eww horrific! 

It doesn't end. 

To now having incapacitated myself for two months by breaking my leg in my first attempt to start riding my bike again to build stamina post surgery - at the launch of my first ever physical bricks and mortar store - as I write this from the confines of my bed, I am made well aware that we have just experienced an earthquake. Oh dear, really?! 

This will all one day make for a story to reflect on and when I do, it will be one that appreciates what ones body, mind and society can truly endure. Something both worthy of laughter and tears. The ridiculousness of it all. Even so I have a deep gratefulness for the small privileges I do possess, which I know would be grand for others and would have been grand for me not many years prior. 

As you probably know, the launch of this venture has been a dream realised for me. All the collaboration, support and interest has been utterly inspiring. ACCIDA was formed to harbour space for makers and artists like myself. Those that desire to be represented by someone who cares deeply about them and their craft. As I get to know my makers and we become closer friends, I am let in to the personal struggles each of these individuals are also going through. 

Though I feel like we have some camaraderie and are part of a network of compassion. What I am also seeing is that we are all being worn down a bit thin. I am asking those that have read my story to know that it is difficult for me to ask for help, almost characteristically so. But, I want to urge you to consider purchasing from ACCIDA. I represent real people, real makers and families, real struggles and your contribution means the difference between a meal on the table for most. 

May I also note, that these pieces are so carefully considered and collected so that they will last and be loved by you and for generations to come. You are not only helping your neighbours but you are buying in on something far more poignant and special. A movement of transparency, away from fast fashion. 

I do wish you all good health and uplifted spirits, even if today seems a bit worn. It won't be like this forever and I so look forward to meeting you, showing you around and discussing the world - all it's woes and wonder - when I am able to return to my feet! 

Please support small business +  local makers | Contribute to ethical and sustainable practices.